Is it time to move to the Promised Land? 

For quite some years now, there have been plans and hopes to build a new campsite for Mountain Trails. The current camp was only ever really a ‘temporary’ option (a bit like the “Old Parliament House” and 28 years on it is still going! 

Many of you have benefited from this wonderful place. God has changed the lives of us all by our shared experience of Mountain Trails. But we are now faced with an opportunity to see hopes and dreams come to a reality. Our time ‘in the wilderness’ may be coming to an end. Not the pristine natural wilderness of Mountain Trails, but the ‘Nomadic’ site shed temporary building type wilderness. Thus the question: “is it time to cross over into the promised land” and build the new camp? 

We have had plans drawn up for some time

The NSW Government has a Funding Grant Round open now called the “Regional Tourism Activation Fund” which offers grants up to five million dollars to help kickstart greater tourism in regional areas. We are considering an application for three million dollars to construct stages 1 and 2 of the new campsite which will allow us to move most of the operations over to there while we wait on God for the funds for stage 3.

This is a huge leap of faith as we have to come up with $1mil over 3 years as a self or co-contribution. This all has to be locked down for the application to be submitted by the 11th August 2021 and if we are successful, construction must commence by December 2021 and be complete by June 2023. 

Gary standing at the new camp site.

So we need your help!

First and foremost – PLEASE PRAY!

This IS important to the future of Mountain Trails. There are “Giants” in front of us but we believe in the God who emboldened David to slay a Giant with a small stone. We believe in the God who parted the Red Sea. We believe in the same God that said to Joshua; “Be Strong and Courageous, you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them. Be Strong and Very Courageous.” Joshua 1: 6 – 7. 

This is the area where the new buildings will be erected

Second, we need you to prayerfully consider if God is placing it on your heart to pledge to give to the target of $1mil. As you may remember from the last Team Talk, we now have DGR status through the Sports Foundation so that is a bit of an incentive. You may also know other people who would like to help, so share this with them too. Then share it with your Church family. The more prayer the better! 

And third, we will need an amazing building contractor who can cope with the isolation of Mountain Trails and overcome the obstacles and bring the job home complete in 18months. A Christian company would be ideal as they will better understand when we offer working bees and to jump in assist where we can to make this happen. 

This is big! We need every prayer and encouragement and idea you have. We want to honour God. We want to see Mountain Trails continue to grow and serve God’s people. We want to take up every opportunity and lead that God presents. We just want to be sure this is one of them before we go too far. 

Please email Matthew McBurney: or call on 02 6227 9266 and ask, share or encourage.