An Internship at Mountain Trails is not just a “gap year” but an opportunity to spend twelve months building a solid foundation for a life of adventure.

Mountain Trails Team Meeting prior to camp

Mountain Trails onsite Intern Program equips young Christians for a life of discipleship in the workplace, the university, the mission field, the family home or wherever God calls them. This is a year-long program of intentional mentoring, training in adventure activities and opportunities to share the gospel with young people.

We offer a unique wilderness setting with plenty of outdoor adventure and ministry opportunities in which the Intern participants have the time and opportunity to be challenged personally, develop a deeper relationship with God, participate in Christian mission and learn many skills that they will carry with them into their adult lives.

Training includes:

  • Cert III in Outdoor Leadership
  • Camp Coordinator Training
  • Mental Health First Aid two day training
  • Venue 360 and Deputy training
  • Child Protection training
  • Senior First Aid
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Food Handling certificate, plus other specific skill.

Mission Statement

Mountain Trails’ mission is to present the Gospel and build healthy relationships to make Jesus known with the use of the environment to create life changing adventures.

Therefore at camp, our aim is:

That every camper hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear, precise and understandable way, and is encouraged to respond. That this Gospel is communicated by the words, lives and behaviour of the Christian staff and volunteers.

That each camper enjoys a full, safe and stimulating program that not only teaches them to participate in healthy leisure opportunities, but provides challenges for growth physically, mentally and spiritually. That this program be provided by competent staff and volunteers who, out of love, will care for the campers’ safety at all times.

To give an avenue for Christian service to all staff and volunteers to provide an environment for them to develop positive attitudes and skills in-

  1. Ministry to campers physically, emotionally and spiritually,
  2. Ministry to one another in the Body of Christ,
  3. Personal growth in physical skills, spiritual understanding and maturing as a Christian person.

Statement of Faith

  1. That the ultimate leadership of Restoration Enterprises Ltd is the God revealed in the Bible; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. The Bible, being the complete Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, is the word of God, divinely inspired by God, the Holy Spirit and given to mankind as supreme and final authority in faith and life.
  3. The deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, who came from heaven to earth to die and pay a ransom for all sin. That He rose bodily from the dead and returned to heaven.
  4. That mankind was created in His image, but is alienated from God by sin and faces His eternal judgement. That reconciliation and restoration is only available through the finished work of Jesus Christ, and is received by turning to Jesus in repentance and faith.
  5. That we are called to love and worship God, and live in obedience to His will.
  6. That we are called to love all of humanity and care for all of God’s creation as stewards.
Adriana talks about Internships

Location and accommodation

Mountain Trails Adventure School is located on a beautiful 9,500 acre site near Wee Jasper, N.S.W, at the northern end of the Brindabella Range. It is 50 minutes’ drive from Yass and 85 minutes’ drive from Canberra. A small portion of the road is gravel, which is maintained and suited to normal traffic. The property itself is largely wilderness, interlaced with many fire trails providing access and extra safety.

Intern participants will live onsite during the year with their own or a shared bedroom (dependent on numbers). They have shared bathroom, kitchen and living area facilities. Under the guidance of the onsite staff they are required to co-operate to maintain the smooth and respectful running of the house.

Our Program

During the year each Intern participant will:

Learn and do Christian Mission

God’s mission is to have people come into a relationship with Him through trusting in Jesus. Mountain Trails uses camps to introduce young people to Jesus. At camp children and youth get to take time out of their everyday life to experience God’s creation, do some crazy activities and hear the Gospel presented clearly. It is often through the example and witness of camp leaders that campers come to accept Jesus. You will be a cabin leader/mentor on our kids and youth camps, help run the activities and serve in various ways to help the camps run smoothly.

During the year you will have the opportunity to learn and put into practice: sharing the gospel, giving your personal testimony, leading a bible study and teaching the bible to kids. You will also have many opportunities to serve others practically in our community and participate in ministry in your local church.

Experience Adventure and Develop Skills

Through our many different adventure activities you will be challenged, develop confidence and learn a variety of skills. You will also learn how to instruct some of these activities. By the end of the year you will have the opportunity to gain valuable qualifications as well as Sport and Rec activities.

Be Discipled

We aim to personally encourage and challenge you in your relationship with God and how you live your life through participation in sharing times, regular bible reading/study and discussions, prayer groups, one-on-one mentoring and community living. We also plan to have a couple of spiritual retreats to give you time for spiritual reflection and fellowship including a special ‘Wilderness Walk’.

Study the Bible

Your studies:

Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership

How it works

The Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership is aimed at people that are either already working in the Outdoor Recreation sector or for those that want to launch their career. The nationally recognised qualification provides skills and knowledge for an individual to competently assist in guiding an outdoor recreation activity. After successful completion students will be able to coordinate their own camps and safely participate in specialised outdoor recreation activities.

Electives need to be chosen in agreement with Mountain Trails.

Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership is recognised as a Smart and Skilled qualification therefore is subsidised by the NSW Government.

Other options

There are other skill options that can be addressed in a MT Internship; other skills to support Christian Outdoor Ministry.

These could include Food Service and Hospitality, or Maintenance and Mechanics, depending on the Interns interest. We don’t have set courses for these, as they could vary and need to be custom designed for the individual.

Please discuss this with us if you want to follow this through.

Snapshot of an average week


  • Be part of the team that run Mountain Trails’ youth and kids camps. You’ll have the opportunity to try different roles such as cabin leader, speaker, or program leader, and relate personally to the kids.
  • Help with program preparation & the maintenance of program equipment.
  • Help with jobs on the property and in the community.
  • Perform tasks involved in community living
  • Participate in a ministry in your local church
  • Three days per week are scheduled as volunteer practical work putting your studies into action. This may be helping with programs or work related to it. This will be based on a four-week rotating roster. All school holidays are mandatory program times.


  • Participate in and learn about adventure activities such as horse riding, hiking, caving, mountain and dirt biking, high and low ropes courses, team building activities, swimming, canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing, etc.


  • Bible study/small group
  • Prayer groups
  • One-on-one discipleship time
  • Study/Training time of two days per week are also scheduled. You may need to continue studies in your own time as well.

You will also have time set aside each week for personal free-time.

Internship Requirements and Cost


  • A personal commitment to Jesus
  • A mature Christian mentor willing to guide and support you throughout the year
  • Minimum 18 years of age as of the 1st January 2021, or have completed year 12.
  • Driver’s licence and be able to/willing to learn to drive a manual car
  • Participants are expected to provide their own activity-specific clothing
  • Laptop for study purposes including internet dongle or access to mobile phone data
  • Be willing to cook, clean, work with kids, be a room leader, mow lawns and other communal chores
  • Have a current NSW Working with Children Check and be willing to attend Child Protection training
  • USI – unique Student Identifier
  • A commitment to respect the rules and expectations of Mountain Trails Adventure School.

Participation in all school holiday programs is a compulsory part of the Intern Program.

  • Be ready to learn, grow and contribute!


  • Interns will be provided with accommodation and keep, & this will include all utilities, landline phone and basic food while onsite.
  • Mountain Trails will pay all your tuition fees upfront, which will be an outlay of approximately $8,000 for the year. This is approximately $10,000 for second-year Interns. Should you withdraw from the course before it ends, any fees already paid on your behalf will be a debt to Mountain Trails.
  • Mountain Trails will organise and pay for all relevant program training, including, but not necessarily limited to First Aid, Bronze Medallion and Food Handling courses (if not already held).

To apply, call or email us to get an enrolment application.

There may also be an opportunity to participate in a second-year intern option, for those who wish to continue to pursue training in Outdoor Leadership Ministry.