Over the past three years, Australia and the world have faced unprecedented upheaval in the way we experience Life. Natural Disasters, Pandemics, and global unrest have meant that for many life is a challenge. Coping mechanisms that we once depended upon, no longer work.

Relationships are stretched and stressed. Family units are under pressure.

Mountain Trails aims to be an Oasis in the midst of turmoil. We have developed the “Life to the Full” program as an offering for people to stop, regroup and gather more tools to help face the future.

 The Life to the Full program: 

  1. Uses the tranquillity and peace of the natural environment
  2. Structured and facilitated reflection on the difficulties of the recent uncertainties with a focus on a positive response
  3. Review of the individuals moral value system – what’s important to the individual
  4. Experience physical challenges and overcome obstacles
  5. Dealing with changes that cant be controlled and determining changes for the future
  6. Expanding personal capacity and developing confidence and resilience

Our CEO, Dr Gary Jones has 45 years of experience in dealing with Mental Health issues as a medical practitioner. For 34 years he has managed and developed Youth Adventure and Youth at Risk programs at Mountain Trails.

Our Operations Manager, Rev. Matthew McBurney has over 40 years experience as a Counsellor, Community Development Worker, Chaplain, and Pastor of Churches. He has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy and has run his own private practice for 5 years prior to joining Mountain Trails. He has established new community-based services for Youth, Children & Families at Risk.

We can structure a program to meet the needs of Individuals, Schools, Churches, workplaces or Families to help them do a reset on their life and find Life to the Full.

Call or email today and let’s work together to help you find your way forward.

Operations@mountaintrails.org.au or 02) 6227 9266