The Mountain Trails MAD program is designed for young people who are seeking adventure and are eager to grow in their faith and challenge themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. The goal of the MAD program is to train and equip young leaders in camping ministry and for them to discover their gifting’s and passions. MAD stands for Mission, Adventure, Discipleship. Participants will have the opportunity to be a part of the outworking of our mission here at Mountain Trails. They will also have plenty of opportunities for adventure as well as opportunities to be discipled by older leaders and to disciple others.

In the year long program, participants will be provided with on-site group housing and will be rostered 5 days a week. 3 days will be paid part time permanent employment and 2 days a week will be study which includes Nationally Recognised Training in outdoor activities (should you choose) as well as other areas.

Living on-site includes all the benefits of rural life and gives you access to our beautiful property. It will also be an opportunity to live in a supportive community with others and a chance to form life long friendships.

Applications are now open for our 2023 MAD program! If you think this is for you see below for more information and to fill out an expression of interest. We look forward to having you on our team!

Expression of Interest and more information

Key Dates

Applications Open 1st September 2022
Applications Close 18th November 2022
Program Commences 1st December 2022
Program Concludes 15th December 2023

Feedback from past participants


Despite what was going on in the world at the time I did the program I still feel as if I’ve accomplished so much. In the year not only did I make lifelong friends, but I also found and grew stronger in myself as a person and as a Christian. Living and working surrounded by fellow believers helped strengthen and reaffirm my faith and as a community, we learned, worked, and developed together through the peaks and valleys, as individuals and as a team. I loved every aspect of my learning in outdoor recreation, Christian teaching, maintenance, and service. Everything I’ve learned and experienced has helped me in all the opportunities that opened to me, and I know they will carry me through to many other open doors in the future. – Clare


I got a lot out of the MAD program and it was a very formative year in my journey. I was able to discover what my true passions and strengths were and I was also able to push my comfort zone to grow as a person. The location of Mountain Trails is epic, and I loved living and working on the property. I met many amazing friends who I will have around me for life. Doing the MAD program is something I will never regret and it has helped me on the course my life is on today. – Isaac


The year I did the program was a great year of fellowship and learning. I was fresh out of school and living at Mountain Trails was a good experience learning to live out of home with others. I have great memories of the wild adventures and trips we went on as a group. I enjoyed learning how to lead outdoor activities, I especially enjoyed learning how to ride a dirt bike and do general farm maintenance. I also discovered what my passions were when it came to leading groups of campers. – Tori