Our goats are an adorable asset to Mountain Trails and play a huge part in the upkeep of our grounds.

They hold an important ecological role in maintaining the natural environment. By strategically moving the goats around to various fields, they minimise the spread of weeds and keep our fields neat by preventing overgrowth.
Breeding the goats allows us to grow our herd and be more environmentally sustainable. Throughout Spring, we see our herd multiply as we welcome new baby goats into the world.

Just in the first week of the season we have already had 15 goats born, and we are expecting many more over the next few months.

In supporting us through the Name a Goat fundraiser, you assist us to provide feed, medical care and resources to keep the goats safe, as well as enabling the continued breeding of goats for future gardening work.
After naming a goat, you will receive a certificate with a photo of the goat, it’s name, birthday and the date of naming.

When you come out to Mountain Trails, you will be able to meet your fur baby and see how your donations have helped the ongoing safety of the goats and their environmental contribution to our land.

How to name a goat

We already have 15 new kids to name and they are all as cute as the ones above. Here’s how you can name a goat:

  1. Think of a name
  2. Complete the form below and then, make your donation of $20 on the link below. You will need to use a credit-card.

Please make your donation here: https://asf.org.au/donate/general-giving-fund