The on-line form is below. If you prefer, you can download the PDF version here. (This will need to be printed out and then mailed or scanned and emailed.)

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Working with Children Check

The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a requirement for anyone who works or volunteers in child-related work in NSW. It involves a National Police Check (criminal history record check) and a review of reportable workplace misconduct. For more see:
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Emergency contact details


This referee should be someone who has observed you interacting with children and young people NB: This person is not to be a family member and should have known you for two years or more.


Please be specific. (If none, leave blank)
Please be specific. (If none, leave blank)
By submitting this application form, I understand Mountain Trails will exercise all care; these programs carry some risk and can result in occasional injuries. In the event of illness or injury, I authorise Mountain Trails Staff to seek any medical attention that is deemed necessary on my behalf, and that I will be responsible for the costs. I understand Mountain Trails programs can include horse riding, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, bush-walking, campfires, bush cooking, abseiling, caving, archery, swimming, whip cracking, high and low ropes and flying fox.

Ministry Questions

Please include name, address, denomination and name of Senior Pastor.
(e.g. bronze medallion)
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Commitment to Mountain Trails

I understand that being a member of the Mountain Trails’ Volunteer team involves a commitment and faithfulness to:
  • a) The aims of Mountain Trails (see appendix A), Statement of Faith (see appendix B) and a loyalty, to its ministry through its leaders.
  • b) Jesus Christ, personally and through a local church body;
  • c) A life and behaviour that honours God, both when I am at Mountain Trails and wherever.
  • d) I am free of addictions.
If I am unable to fulfil these commitments, I understand to notify the leadership of Mountain Trails

Appendix A and B

Please read the attached PDF (see below)
By entering your name, you are signing this form.
By entering your name, you are signing this form.

Appendix A and B are here.

PDF version of form is here.