What we believe

Mountain Trails is part of an independent Christian organisation called Restoration Enterprises Limited. As a Christian organisation we believe that:

  • There is only one true God who is revealed in the Bible and that God is revealed as three persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible is the inspired word of God and is the final authority in faith and life.
  • God created humanity in his image. All people have sinned and so face death and eternal judgement.
  • Jesus Christ is God the Son who came from heaven. He is both fully God and fully man.
  • By the grace of God, Jesus Christ came to earth to die and pay for humanity’s sin. He rose bodily from the dead and returned to heaven.
  • Forgiveness for sin and restored relationship with God is received by turning to Jesus in repentance and faith.
  • As Christians we are called to love and worship God, live in obedience to him, including loving all of humanity and caring for all of God’s creation.