Mountain Trails
998 Doctors Flat Road Wee Jasper. NSW. 2582 P: (02) 6227 9266

Becoming a volunteer at Mountain Trails is a great opportunity to work in a front line ministry, mentor young people from a variety of backgrounds including young people from disadvantaged situations and a great way to grow and mature in your faith. As a volunteer leader you will be trained, equipped and empowered to do your job well, be part of a safe, supportive Christian team and have the opportunity to learn new skills that you can take into your church, school, work or other ministries. Mountain Trails desire to partner with local churches for local mission and delights in seeing leaders return to their local church and to continue to use their skills and passion for Jesus to further the Kingdom.

The children and young people we encounter are ours to care for. That care is not just helping them discover Jesus but to ensure their wellbeing and safety a high priority. Therefore we see the opportunity of serving a privilege and not to be taken for granted.

A commitment to the Mission Statement, Statement of Faith and Guidelines stated in this manual is essential for all those in Team Membership at a Camp.

Our history

Restoration Ministries was founded in 1988 by Dr. Gary Jones. This followed a call by God for him to move from the practice of physical medicine into a ministry of healing for eternity.  The name Restoration was chosen to cover the breadth of God restoring His creation, and restoring mankind, free from the consequences of sin and under His controlling authority, back into relationship with Himself (Acts 2:19-21). In 1992 a Company was formed and for legal reasons was named Restoration Enterprises Ltd.

There are of course, many avenues of restoration that could be encompassed as God’s Spirit leads us, but the avenue of evangelism is a very important and basic aspect of Restoration Ministries. So, Mountain Trails Horse Camp became its first evangelistic outreach and has evolved to include a combination of Outdoor Education Program for schools, Youth at Risk, and Holiday Camps. Our programs are supported by Christian people from diverse backgrounds who, having been called, and seeing God moving through the ministry, freely contribute their efforts, gifts of prayer, time and finances.

In the late 1990’s the name was changed to Mountain Trails Adventure School to reflect its expanding role in teaching and outdoor adventure. It is still known in short as ‘Mountain Trails’.

Mountain Trails is surrounded by 9500 acres of bush land set in the Brindabella Ranges. The property is full of trails, mountains and valleys, much of it untouched Australian wilderness.

Mission Statement

Mountain Trails’ mission is to present the Gospel and build healthy relationships to make Jesus known with the use of the environment to create life changing adventures.

Therefore at camp, our aim is:

That every camper hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear, precise and understandable way, and is encouraged to respond. That this Gospel is communicated by the words, lives and behaviour of the Christian staff and volunteers.

That each camper enjoys a full, safe and stimulating program that not only gives pleasure, but provides challenges for growth physically, mentally and spiritually. That this program be provided by competent staff and volunteers who, out of love, will care for the campers’ safety at all times.

To give an avenue for Christian service to all staff and volunteers to provide an environment for them to develop positive attitudes and skills in-

  1. Ministry to campers physically, emotionally and spiritually,
  2. Ministry to one another in the Body of Christ,
  3. Personal growth in physical skills, spiritual understanding and maturing as a Christian person.

Statement of Faith

  • That the ultimate leadership of Restoration Enterprises Ltd is the God revealed in the Bible; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible, being the complete Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, is the word of God, divinely inspired by God, the Holy Spirit and given to mankind as supreme and final authority in faith and life.
  • The deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, who came from heaven to earth to die and pay a ransom for all sin. That He rose bodily from the dead and returned to heaven.
  • That mankind was created in His image, but is alienated from God by sin and faces His eternal judgement. That reconciliation and restoration is only available through the finished work of Jesus Christ, and is received by turning to Jesus in repentance and faith.
  • That we are called to love and worship God, and live in obedience to His will.
  • That we are called to love all of humanity and care for all of God’s creation as stewards.

Leader’s roles and responsibilities

The qualities and characteristics of a leader are important to Mountain Trails as children and young people learn from both words and actions so behaviour, attitudes and language are often as important as what is taught during any activity. The way Team Members communicate with children and young people needs to reflect how Jesus welcomed children (Mark 10:23-26). That means language and ways of relating that affirm worth, dignity and significance. There needs to be no behaviour that gives the impression of favouritism or encourages ‘special’ relationships with individual children or young people. Those who are not easy to love often need more love from us.

It is also important to remember that the way Team Members communicate with one another is observed. Nicknames, ‘put downs’ and sexist language only reinforce attitudes that children/young people may already see all too often.

Following are the roles and brief outline of the role’s responsibilities required within the team:


  • To provide overall direction and set a spiritual tone to the camp.
    • To facilitate all aspects of the Camp Team.
    • To implement disciplinary action.
    • To ensure adequate resources are available in order that the Camp Team can fulfil their roles.
    • To resolve any conflict or disunity in the Camp Team body.
  • To ensure that all aspects of the camp adhere to the Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, Guidelines, Camp Rules & Regulations, Code of Practice & General Safety Practices, as well as all other areas covered in the Policies and Procedures.
    • To be aware of all Camper behaviour/medical issues as informed through Camper Application Forms, Mountain Trails’ staff and appointed First Aid Officer.
    • Overall responsible for the camp and the leaders.

Cabin Leaders

  • To meet the physical, social, mental, emotional and most importantly, the spiritual needs of the Campers in their care.
    • To demonstrate Christ’s love in every situation.
    • To make their Campers the first priority throughout the entire camp.
    • To encourage their Campers in every opportunity to take the challenge presented, including making a decision for Christ.
    • To uphold and enforce the Camp Rules and Regulations.
    • To maintain order and discipline to the best of their ability amongst their Campers.
    • To adhere to and participate in the Camp Program, especially when changes are necessary.
    • To follow the leadership and co-operate with the Camp Directors at all times, understanding that the Director’s decision is final in any given circumstance.
    • To leave the camp having both their Campers and themselves wanting to return.


  • To develop Biblical and evangelistic talks over the duration of the camp, each containing a definite and concise call to Christ.
    • To develop talks based around the camp theme if appropriate.
    • To prepare talks that are in accordance with the Statement of Faith and Guidelines.
    • To have the ultimate goal of winning children and young people for Christ.
    • To prepare discussion group guide sheet corresponding with each talk giving questions and answers for Leaders to use in discussion groups with their Campers.
    • To be available for counselling and giving advice when necessary, particularly immediately following the talks.
    • To interact with Campers in the Camp Program.
    • To work together with the Mountain Trails appointed staff in regard to Campers with particular needs e.g. make commitment to Christ; seeking help for a problem; asking Gospel related questions etc. where follow-up may apply.


  • To provide one-on-one care for Campers with behavioural/special needs if they are present. This involves being part of a room group but only as an extra Leader caring for a specific Camper as advised by Camp Directors. This should be discrete.
  • To fill in for any need arising if not involved in one-on-one care.


  • Have the gift of hospitality and desire to serve the campers with healthy and nourishing meals.
    • Liaise with Mountain Trails regarding menu and availability of contents in our dry store room and kitchen facilities
    • Understand and able to meet the needs of those with dietary requirements and allergies
    • Able to communicate and provide direction for Kitchen and camp support leaders

Kitchen and Camp Support

  • Have the gift of hospitality and desire to serve the campers with healthy and nourishing meals.
    • Willingness to work alongside the cook to assist in the preparation and serving of meals.
    • Willingness to work in the scullery.
    • Have the desire to support the camp behind the scene by way of keeping the facilities clean, prepared to pack up or collect equipment if need be and ‘fill the gap’ if required.

Program Director

  • To design and implement a program which is not filled by Mountain Trails activities staff. A program of fun, challenges, talks and group discussion time.
    • To have a Wet Weather Program ready in case of rain.
    • To make necessary changes in response to unforeseen circumstances.
    • To work in conjunction with the Director.
    • To assist the Director where necessary.
    • To work alongside Mountain Trails activities staff

Team Structure

Below is the minimum number of leaders required to help the smooth operation of a school holiday camp.


RoleJunior CampSenior Camp
Camp Director11
Program Director11
Cabin Leader – female63
Cabin Leader – male63
Kitchen & Camp Support33


RoleHorse CampDirt Bike Camp
Camp Director1
Cabin Leader – female11
Cabin Leader – male11
Kitchen & Camp Support3

*the cabin leader ratios will reflect the gender mix of campers

Child Protection Policy

Mountain Trails has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for all people on camp. Mountain Trails is legally and morally obliged to maintain and enforce policies and procedures in accordance with the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998.

All staff and volunteers of Mountain Trails are required to understand and follow the policies and procedures of Mountain Trails.

Mountain Trails views child protection as a high priority. Our desire is to create an environment where attendees can enjoy all aspects of camp without the potential of being exposed to risk of harm therefore volunteers will be required to participate in Child Protection training prior to camp.

Mountain Trails has a duty of care to the children on our site to vet each and every potential staff member both paid and volunteer. A NSW clearance number (WWCC) or ACT (WWVP) card must be presented and verified before any work is started at our site.

Staff or volunteers who are under the age of 18 (and thus not able to be checked under the Working With Children Check system) will be reference checked, and this will normally occur by contacting their church, school or any other appropriate source.

Where to from here?

If you desire to be a volunteer with Mountain Trails, we would love to continue the conversation with you.

Please select the appropriate on-line form below, complete and then submit.

At any stage through this process questions arise, please feel free to make contact with Mountain Trails. We are only too happy to discuss this with you.


What is the youngest age of a volunteer?

16 years old with the permission of their parent or guardian who will need to sign the application form.

Is there public transport to the campsite?

No. Mountain Trails is located 45 minutes from Yass and approx. 1 hour 15 minutes from Canberra therefore private transport is required. Campsite address: 874 Doctors Flat Road, Wee Jasper

Is there a leader’s fee?

Yes. The leader’s fees are approximately $150 and covers part of the cost of accommodation, meals and transport to and from activities while at camp. We do our best to keep this at a minimum and without the financial contribution of leaders; our camps would not be able to operate.

What if I can’t afford the fee?

We don’t want leaders to miss out on the opportunity to serve therefore please contact Mountain Trails Executive Director or your Camp Director to discuss your concerns.

Why does the team need to arrive a day earlier than the campers?

This is a great opportunity for the team to become united, have time for spiritual preparation, become familiar with the campsite and training participation. There is also time for fun!